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Christmas is full of surprises with Vetopia! Get a FREE gift set for your pets now! 
Christmas is around the corner! Celebrate this holiday season with Vetopia party must-haves for your best bud.
Now you can get a surprise Christmas gift for your pets upon purchase of $500 from 3-24 Dec 2021!  

*Free Gifts are available while stock lasts.
Dr David Recommends

In this festive gifting season, Dr David has picked the best Christmas gifts along with the delicious treats for your little buds and their friends. 
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Christmas Buddy Box

Gift exchange games are sure to get everyone in a good mood at Christmas parties and our Christmas Buddy box will no doubt make you the best Secret Santa of the night.
This amazing gift box comes with our own brand AnimalKind natural treats and the vets-crafted SkyBarky dog beer (the only vet approved dog beer in Hong Kong) and Christmas-themed toys.
Come get it while stock lasts!  

Vetopia x Lambwolf Collection toys

This new interactive collection comes with two designs – Lambwolf– Nou& Breuer. 
Lambwolf– Nou can be a boating knot where you can play hide-and-seek with the little buds by putting treats in the knot.
It can also be a tossing ball or a tug of war rope.
Lambwolf – Breuer, on the other hand, is a soft tetrapod that is designed for minimalists.
Use your imagination and create the best games for your pets and their friends!  
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