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Let the Furry Christmas Be Joyful!
Christmas is a great time to spend with you loved ones, including your four-legged friends, but there are a few Christmas dangers to watch out for.

The 5 Potential Dangers of Christmas to pets

  1. Toxic Plants - Mistletoe and holly are two of the most toxic holiday plants to pets, causing severe gastrointestinal disorders, breathing difficulty and even heart failure in extreme cases. 

  2. Wrapping Paper & Ribbon - These shiny decorations  can be a choking hazard and ultimately twist throughout the intestines and have to be surgically removed later. 

  3. Holiday Light & Candles - Remember to keep lights and candles out of reach. Electrical shock may occur when a pet chomps down on an electrical cord.

  4. Christmas Decorations – Not only the shiny, reflective decoration and ornaments can be a choking hazard, but once chewed, the broken pieces can cut your pet's mouth, throat, and intestines.

  5. Food Hazards – Chocolate is a well know food hazard to pets, as the darker and richer the chocolate, the higher the toxicity. Also, meat bones can shatter or splinter and puncture the intestinal tract or cause intestinal blockage.  If you want Fido to join in on the festivities, give him treats which are good for his health, the Animalkind treats! 

Order in Time for Christmas - 
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The Best Gifts for your Best Friend

Vetopia’s newly launched Animalkind Orthopaedic beds are specially designed for pets with mobility issues or those who need a lot of rest,
but they’re perfect for any dog or cat who wants a great night’s sleep and feels extra 
cozy during this winter time too! 

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If there is any emergency, our East Island 24 hr Animal Hospital opens 24/7 for your pets.

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