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The Secret Of Prescription Diet

What is Prescription Diet?  

Prescription diets are specially formulated to help a dog or cat cope with a medical problem.They are completely natural and have no added drugs or medications.

Each type of prescription diet is formulated with the specific medical issue in mind. For example, prescription diets designed for animals with diabetes have lower levels of carbohydrates and simple sugars to help control blood sugar and reduce strain on the pancreas. Kidney diets have reduced levels of protein to reduce the load on the kidneys. And skin diets often have low levels of allergens and increased levels of anti-oxidants such as Omega-3 oils.

Many medical issues can be helped with prescription diets, including allergies, skin problems, kidney problems, bladder stones, liver issues, diabetes, arthritis and weight loss. For a number of conditions, an effective diet can be one of the cornerstones of treatment.

There have been great advances in veterinary nutrition in the last few decades, and specialized diets can significantly improve the quality and length of life for animals with medical problems.

Two of the most well-respected ranges of specialized diets are Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet . 

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