Tiger Year Lucky Draw Winners Announcement! 

Thank you all for participation.  
Among all the active participates, congratulations to below winners!  
You have won our Tiger Year Pets Treat Box for your little paws! 

The winners are:  

  1. Ada C*** (Mobile: **** 6736) 
  2. Mandy T*** (Mobile: **** 8266) 
  3. Natalie S*** (Mobile: **** 7072) 
  4. Victoria C*** (Mobile: **** 3003) 
  5. Pui L*** C*** (Mobile: **** 8880) 
  6. Wing S*** L*** (Mobile: **** 2735) 
  7. Lai F*** P*** (Mobile: **** 8727) 
  8. Tam D*** (Mobile: **** 8415) 
  9. Emily L*** (Mobile: **** 0047) 
  10. Christine C*** (Mobile: **** 9097) 

All winners will be notified individually via phone on 31 Jan 2022 to arrange the delivery from 5 – 8th Feb. If you have any questions, please contact us at 2915 9262. 

Tag us @Vetopia & hashtag #VetopiaHK and #vetopiapets, share your unboxing experience on IG before 11 Feb 2022 and we will have another surprise for you! 

We will have other lucky draw campaign in the coming new year! Stay Tuned!  
Happy Tiger Year and wish you good health and prosperity!  

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