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Vetopia Black Friday – limited time offer for Holiday Shopping!
Get ahead on holiday gift shopping!

Spend $1000 or more on 26-29 Nov 2021 and enjoy a 10% off on your next purchase from 1 - 20 Dec 2021!

Only available online on 26 - 29 Nov 2021Don’t miss out! 
*The 10% discount code will be sent out 1 day after the promotion ends (30 Nov 2021). 

The perfect gift guide for you: 

Check out our Christmas collection where you can find a wide range of festive toys, costume and the best of all – Christmas Buddy Box! Have a fun and heart-warming seasonal winter with your little ones!

Buddy box, available at Vetopia , is specifically designed as a surprise gift box for your pets. This Christmas, our founder Dr David Gething has turned the Buddy box into a Christmas-themed gift box, which comes with our own brand AnimalKind natural treats and the vets-crafted SkyBarky dog beer (the only vet approved dog beer in Hong Kong). This will be the best choice for you and your pets to celebrate Christmas together!
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