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Vetopia’s Cat Health Month - Get $100 off!

Spring is around the corner! If you are wondering how to take care of the little tigers, we have got you covered! This month, we are sharing health care tips for cats of all age groups. What’s more? From now till 31 Mar 2022, upon spending $600 on any Cat’s products, you will get a $100 discount offer with code [CAT322] off the whole order.

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3. Single use of coupon code
4. For registered members only

Health care tips for cats in Spring

New kitten Vaccinations and health requirements in the first 6 months of life
The first 6 months is one of the most important times in your kittens life – both medically and emotionally. All kittens should see the vet at least twice for vaccinations and checkups, should have flea, tick and worm prevention, and good balanced nutrition.

Adult cats - Dental decay in cats – why is my cat’s breath smelly, and does it matter?
Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for five years... that’s what we see with some cats, so it’s no surprise they develop dental decay and smelly breath. Regular dental care is important for all pets and can also be simple and easy.

Senior cats - Kidney problems – the number one problem – the cause, the signs, and how to prevent
If cats had one weakness, it’d be their kidneys. Eating a high protein diet and often not drinking enough can put a big strain on kidneys, and reduced kidney function is one of the most common issues with older cats. The best way to support kidneys is with a healthy diet, good hydration, and a regular vet check.

Product Recommendations for preventive measures

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