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Anti-Barking Spray Collar

Anti-Barking Spray Collar
Animal Behaviour Systems

Anti-Barking Spray Collar

An effective solution to control nuisance barking  citronella

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Anti-Barking Spray Collar

The ABS Anti-Barking Spray Collar releases a brisk citronella spray in front of the dog's snout whenever it barks. The dog is rapidly able to establish a connection between the spray and its barking. The ABS collar was invented by veterinarians and electronics experts. It has undergone clinical studies and thorough testing by Americiaan and European univerities before being marketed worldwide. It has been found effective on 88% of dogs tested. The citronella spray is 100% safe for all dogs, people and the environment and is ozone frinedly. ABS can be used on all healthy dogs.


Key product features
  • For dogs over 2.7 kg
  • Gentle citronella spray interrupts nuisance barking
  • ON/OFF switch for longer battery life
  • Easy to use – no programming required
  • Fits neck sizes up to 60 cm
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

Each Kit Contains:

  • Electronic bark-sensing unit
  • Adjustable collar - One sice fits all
  • Refill can of citronella
  • Two 6-volt alkaline batteries
  • Operation Guide
  1. Works well Review by Keri

    Works well, dog doesn't like the citronella so he doesn't bark anymore (Posted on 6/1/2020)

  2. definitely should buy one Review by Polaja

    My dogs will bark at anything and everything, so my neighbors complain. I put it on one of the dogs and the first time he barked, it stopped him in his tracks. It makes a loud spray and the noise combined with the squirt startles the dog and he forgets why he was barking in the first place. He had it on for less than one day and gave up on trying to bark at things. After seeing the results I bought a second one for my other dog. Now it's nothing but peace and quiet. (Posted on 7/21/2016)

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