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Alice - Healthy Mat AE19 (Transparent)

Alice - Healthy Mat AE19 (Transparent)

Alice - Healthy Mat AE19 (Transparent)

Special for Rabbits & Chinchillas
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Alice - Healthy Mat AE19 (Transparent)

Alice - Healthy Mat AE91 (Transparent)


  • Protects animal's feet and reduces the chance of spraining hocks and suffering from foot injury
  • Avoids contacting the excrement directly in order to prevent contagious diseases
  • Droppings will fall into the floor gate and bottom tray directly through the standard holes on the mat, hence it is easy to cleanse
  • More comfortable for the animal to lay on the mat than the floor gate


  1. Two inbuilt tabs are at the bottom of the mat
  2. SImply click the tabs directly to the floor gate

Product Size

L345 x W250mm

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