The Ruffwear Float Coat is the ultimate in canine flotation and water safety. For dogs that love to join their human's rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing and paddle boarding, this life jacket is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes. This is a premium, fully-featured life jacket that includes thoughtful details like a strong handle, optimally positioned to lift dogs out of the water, and reflective trim for enhanced visibility in or out of the water.

Key Features

  • Confidence-inspiring canine life jacket built with time-proven, abrasion-resistant materials
  • Natural swimming position made possible by strategically-placed closed cell foam panels
  • Strong, low-profile handle is optimally positioned to help dogs out of water
  • Telescoping neck closure adjusts for a range of dog sizes and is permanently attached and secure
  • Easy-to-clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place over time
  • Water-compatible webbing remains stable in wet environments
  • Light loop for attaching The Beacon™
  • Low-light visibility with reflective trim
  • Made in Vietnam

夏日與狗狗游水消暑 必備Ruffwear救生衣


  • 結實,扁平的把手便於幫助狗浮出水面
  • 頸部調整可以適合多種狗的尺寸且牢固固定
  • 保護套不會讓鎖扣的繩子移動
  • 畢格安全燈安裝位
  • 反光條設計使得在弱光情況下仍然可見
  • 用經過​​時間證明的防磨損材料製成
  • 在適當位置放置的泡沫塑料板使得狗以自然姿態游泳成為可能
  • 在潮濕環境中,織物不會出現問題