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Blue Shark

Blue Shark - Cat Shark Bites (Shark & Bone) 30g

Delicious cat shark bites with catnip
Country of Manufacture: Thailand
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Blue Shark - Cat Shark Bites (Shark & Bone) 30g

Blue Shark - Cat Shark Bites (Shark & Bone) 30g

Blue Shark - Cat Shark Bites (Shark & Bone) 30g

100% delicious hand made chews and treat provide big hold taste bite after bite after bite. We follow the standard of human food and breed them with natural, healthy and delicious food. Just as we do for our children.

  • DHA - Sharks are rich in DHA, which helps to absorvs calcium and phosphorus, and increases resistance to infectious disease.
  • Collagen - Shark flesh contains a lot of collagena nd has protective and restoring effects on the skin, hair and joints.
  • High Protein - Shark flesh contains high levels of protein and is an integral part of a healthy strong body.
  • GMO Free - Sharks are all fished from the deep dea, and the meat is natural and healthy
  • Omega Fatty Acids - Shark flesh is in rich of omega fatty acids, and have anti-inflammatory properties, anti thrombosis and anti arrhythmia formation.

Shark flesh, Shark cartilage, catnip

Crude protein 25%, Crude fat 5%, Crude fibre 1%, Ash 10%, Moisture 30%

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