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Buster Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball

Buster Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball

Buster Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball

Veterinary approved dispenser ball
Ideal for cats and puppies
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Buster - Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball (Red)
Buster - Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball (Black)

Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat's curiosity with this unique treat dispenser. Filled with your cat's favorite treats the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that engages the cat to chase it.

Once the toy is caught, the cat is rewarded with a treat. The physical stimulation involved in the chase makes the dispenser suitable in supporting controlled diets and treatment of feline obesity. The toy is also suitable for puppies.

  • Stimulates your cat's curiosity
  • Engages your cat to chase
  • Rewards success
  • Supports controlled diets
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Use
  • Veterinary Approved

Avalible in
Red or Black

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  1. Super duper treat ball Review by SB

    Our overweight cats are happy with this cool superb treat ball. It can hold your dry snack and food inside better than other types of the same product on the market. It keeps them secure inside, cats are enticed, pounce the ball around, and stayed interested in getting the food out helps them exercise and stay active. High quality product but will need careful cleaning because leftover water can get trapped inside the ball shape, must fully dry it with clean cloth before you can load it up again for use. (Posted on 3/21/2019)

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