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Cain & Able

Cain & Able - Paw Rub - protects & heals

Contains shea butter, aloe and vitamin E


Country of Manufacture: United States
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Cain & Able - Paw Rub - protects & heals

Cain & Able - Paw Rub - protects & heals

Cain & Able - Paw Rub - protects & heals

We all know that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, but for many of our canine companions, it’s a flea-eat-dog world.  This blissful balm will relieve the itching from those pesky fleabites while alleviating the discomfort of dry, itchy skin. 

Whether it's the salt covered streets of the frozen north or the dry arid tarmac of the southwest, dry cracked noses and paws are a fact of life for dogs around the country. This blissful balm will alleviate the discomfort with creamy Shea Butter and soothing coconut oil. The smooth balm also provides fast relief for eczema, hot spots and insect bites with good stuff like mango seed butter, hemp seed oil and peppermint oil. Don't worry, if your dog licks it off it's perfectly safe to ingest. (It's also great for your dry cuticles, elbows & dry patches!)

Unlike some balms that are petroleum based Paw Rub is made with shea butter. It's an excellent carrier of other healing ingredients but shea butter itself helps improve the healing process, improves moisture retention, soothes and protects the skin from environmental damage

* All Natural
* Protects, Heals, and Moisturizes
* Soothes dry, itchy skin allergies
* Made in the USA


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