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Clix Weave Poles

Clix Weave Poles
Company of Animals

Clix Weave Poles

Easy too assemble and use, contains 6 poles

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Clix Weave Poles

Training is a very important part of owning any pet, especially a dog, and it begins from the moment you bring your new pup home. CLIX is a comprehensive product range ideal for everyone from the complete beginner to the professional trainer. 

The Clix Agility Weave Poles are one of the classic and most fun ways of keeping your dog fit and entertained. Great for use in the garden or local park, not only will they help your dog meet their daily exercise requirements, but they are also a good training tool and a way of bonding with your pooch. The Clix range of training and exercise equipment is fantastic and covers all areas of a dogs fitness regime. 

CLIX Weave Poles come complete with a measuring tape to ensure poles are placed the correct distance apart. The kit contains 6 poles.

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