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Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit

Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit
Silver Pet Prints

Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit

Capture every detail of those precious paw prints
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Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit

Treasure that bond between you and your fur baby by taking a copy of their unique paw print with our Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit. There are so many ways you can use your pet's paw print to create some very special keepsakes.

  • Create an unique piece of modern art
  • Make a special greeting card
  • Have it printed on a T Shirt, Mug or a Bag
  • Have the print captured in Silver (details please see below)

Directions of Use

*To make sure that you could achieve the best possible paw print, please read the below instructions before you begin*

You will need

  • Non-toxic Magic Inkless Wipe x 1
  • Silver Pet Prints treated paper x 1
  • Damp cloth or sponge x 1


  1. If your pet's paw is partically fluffy, you may need to carefully trim the fur to make sure the paw pads are visible and easy to print
  2. Make sure your pet's paw is clean. If necessary wipe with a damp cloth
  3. Place the treated paper onto a firm surface (either a tablet or floor) with the black side facing up
  4. Once the magic wipe is opened, it must be used within half an hour (you can refold it and replace it in its packet if required)

* There are 2 long pieces of specially treated paper so you can take more than one print. We know pets can wriggle, so if you don't get it right first time, you can have another go! Take your first print at on end of the paper so you can take two to three printson each piece. That way you can choose the best print to cherish.*


Step 1 - WIPE

Open the wipe and rub thoroughly over your pet's paw. Make sure you wipe the whole surface of the paw covering each individual section of the paw pads

Step 2 - PRESS

Holding your pet's leg firmly at the ankle, press the paw onto the paper and try not to let them wriggle or the print will smudge. Try not to touch the paper with your own fingers until you have washed your hands. Hold for 4 or 5 seconds and then lift the paw off the paper.

Step 3 - PRINT

Within a couple of seconds a beautiful print will appear - like magic! Now wipe your pet's paw clean with a damp cloth.

Kit Contains (enough to take up to 6 paws prints)

  • 2 pieces of ' Magic Paper'
  • 2 Inkless wipe towelettes
  • Smiple Instructions

If you would like to have the paw prints to be captured in Silver, please contact Olivia Crooke at [email protected] for more details. 

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