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Virbac - Preventic

Virbac - Preventic

Virbac - Preventic

Tick Collar for Dogs

 Flea & Tick prevention is very important to your pets. For example, Tick Fever is one of the most dangerous disease in Hong Kong. To have the most update prevention, get your Preventic Tick Collar with our Recurring Order Program every 2 months. Never have to worry to run out again! 

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Virbac - Preventic

Tick collar for dogs containing 9% amitraz to kill and detach ticks for up to 90 days. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age. Do not use on cats.

  • Provides full protection against ticks within 48 hours of placement. Stops new ticks from attaching
  • Demonstrated 92% efficacy in controlling a severe tick infestation after 24 hours—versus 63% efficacy achieved by a deltamethrin collar
  • Protection lasts for up to 90 days
  • Makes it less likely for dogs to get tick-borne diseases. By killing and detaching ticks, PREVENTIC® Tick Collar can reduce the risk for transmission of Lyme disease, babesiosis, and rickettsia
  • Paralyzes tick's mouth parts to prevent feeding.
  • Trusted by veterinarians for 25 years.
  • Water-resistant—Effectiveness is not diminished if the dog gets wet.
  • Virtually odorless.
  • Size 18” for dogs up to 60 lbs

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