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Aqua Coolkeeper- Cooling Pet Jacket

Aqua Coolkeeper- Cooling Pet Jacket
Aqua CoolKeeper

Aqua Coolkeeper- Cooling Pet Jacket

Helps your dog to keep cool and stay healthy in a safe and responsible way 

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Dogs have almost no sweat glands. They can only try to regulate their body temperature by panting or by perspiration through the pads of their paws. But only a small fraction of a dog's excess bodyheat can be lost this way. Therefore dogs are prone to heatstroke, which can cause permanent organ damage, a coma or in some severe cases even death. 

Put your Aqua Coolkeeper™ in cold water and it will be ready to cool your dog in minutes.  Aqua Coolkeeper™ stays cool up to 5 days.

Aqua Coolkeeper™ is reusable over and over again, a quick handwash with a mild soap in cold or warm water and Aqua Coolkeeper™ is as good as new. 

Cools your dog when:
■ the weather is hot
■ travelling
■ sporting and playing
■ outdoors
■ heat stress
■ raised body temperature
■ restricted airways due to heat stress
M  77-86cm L43cm
XL  96-102cm L54cm


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