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Drontal Allwormer (Individual Packing)

Tablets are sold individually. Buy as few or as many as you need
We recommend to give dewormer to your dog every 3-6 months
Product Name Price Qty
Drontal for Small Dog (3 kg) - Individual Packing
Drontal for Medium Dog (10 kg) - Individual Packing
Drontal for Large Dog (35 kg) - Individual Packing

Drontal for Small Dog - 3kg

Drontal for Small Dog - 3kg

Protects against all 4 Major Intestinal Worms of Dogs
• Roundworm
• Hookworm
• Whipworm and
• Tapeworm - (Hydatid and common Flea Tapeworm)


Small Dog ( 3kg ) - 1 tablet per 3 kg bodyweight. eg: A 6kg small breed dog should take 2 tablets of Drontal for Small Dog 

Medium Dog ( 10kg ) - 1 tablet per10 kg bodyweight. eg: A 6 kg dog should take 3/4 tablet of Drontal for Medium Dog

Large Dog ( 35kg ) - 1 tablet per 35kg bodyweight. eg: A 30kg dog should take 1 tablet of Drontal for Large Dog 

  1. works well Review by Mary Sambinae

    It works well on my poodle and I do not need to visit clinic for this anymore. Online shop is super convenient and really love your efficient delivery. (Posted on 7/5/2017)

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