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Earthbath - Ear Wipes

Cleanse and deodorize ears

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Earthbath - Ear Wipes

Earthbath - Ear Wipes

Earthbath - Ear Wipes

Our totally natural wipes contain mild cleansers, sumptuous extracts such as Hawaiian awapuhi extract, aloe vera and vitamin E to make your smell better than ever, while imparting a show-quality softness and shine - between baths. They are strong and moist, never wet, and contain no animal by-products such as lanolin. Once you try our wipes, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them... naturally!

Earthbath Ear Wipes are a fast, convenient way to keep your pet's ears free of wax and discharge which can cause infections and odor. Our wipes contain witch hazel, a natural cleanser and astringent, plus a sumptuous mix of nature's finest plant extracts with gentle therapeutic and deodorizing properties. Safe for all dogs, cats and other furry pets over 6 weeks old. Naturally fragrance-free.

Purified water, witch hazel, chamomilla recutita, cucumber extract, althaea officinalis root extract, citric acid, polysorbate, phenchem (natural preservative).


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