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Flexilead - Flexi Collection Retractable Leash (Black & Blue)

Flexilead - Flexi Collection Retractable Leash (Black & Blue)

Flexilead - Flexi Collection Retractable Leash (Black & Blue)

Retractable tape leash with soft grip Freedom ‧ Safety ‧ Quality
(suitable for, Small - small to medium size ; Medium - medium to large size of dogs)
Country of Manufacture: Germany
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Flexi Collection Retractable Leash - Small (Black & Blue - 3m/12kg)
Freedom to move and still on the leash. Despite a long leash you always remain in control of the dog. With flexi leashes you solve this apparent contradiction in an easy way. flexi retractable leashes never slacken as they are always subject to slight tension. With the help of the integrated braking system you are always able to guide and command your dog. By pushing the brake button with your thumb and a slight pull on the leash you give your dog short orders or lead him back to you. An additional permanent stop function allows you to fix the flexi leash at a certain length.
Advantages Flexi – the better dog leash
1. Freedom to Move = Health 
The leash, which extends up to 8 m, rolls gently in and out without slackening. flexi leashes offer the freedom to exercise for every leashed dog, therefore supporting health and vitality. 
2. Control and Safety 
Because of the permanent slight tension on the cord/tape leash and the integrated flexi one-hand braking and recoil system, you always remain in control of your dog. Therefore, the link between man and dog becomes a safety connection. 

3. Quality 
flexi leashes comply with the highest quality standards and are manufactured in Germany. Each leash is assembled by hand and undergoes more than 90 quality checks before it leaves our factory. This is how we generate top products – Made in Germany. 

Key Features
  • 3m or 5m tape leash
  • For dogs up to max. 12kg or 25kg
  • Pocket-format
  • Soft-grip
  • Chromed snap hook
  • 2 colours: Black, Black & White or Black & Pink

Care Instructions

If the flexi leash (cord or tape leash) gets wet, please pull it out of the case completely, activate the brake lock, and let it dry overnight.
Product weight
Small - 120 g approx. Medium - 240 g approx.

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