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FURminator - Kitten FURst Groomer

Cat Shedding Solutions  brush

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FURminator - Kitten FURst Groomer

FURminator - Kitten FURst Groomer

FURminator - Kitten FURst Groomer

Start your kitten on a lifelong grooming routine with the FURminator. My FURst Groomer is specially designed to offer a soothing, massaging experience when brushing kittens, while keeping hair clean and healthy. The interchangeable slicker brush and comb are easy to use and safe and gentle on delicate skin.

  • 3-piece interchangeable slicker brush and comb set.
  • Safe and gentle on your kitten's delicate skin.
  • Soft slicker brush features specially designed bristles with angled tips.
  • Curved comb features a special contoured shape and spacious teeth for gentle combing.
  • Push button to easily change grooming attachments.

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