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JW - Gripsoft Shampoo Bather

For all breeds and all coat types.


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JW - Gripsoft Shampoo Bather

JW - Gripsoft Shampoo Bather

JW - Gripsoft Shampoo Bather

Use the Shampoo Bather to shampoo and massage your dog. It allows you to simultaneouly massage your dog and brush in the shampoo.

Unscrew the cap and add the shampoo of your choice. Press the black button to release the shampoo. After bathing, unscrew the cap and rinse out the inside thoroughly.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Shampoo applicator and brush
  • Finger push releases shampoo
  • Ristles brush and massage
  • Removes dead and shedding hair
  • Shampoo Bather

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