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Kazoo Hair Dematter - Coarse

Kazoo Hair Dematter - Coarse

Kazoo Hair Dematter - Coarse

For the health,well-being and comfort of your dog

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Kazoo Hair Dematter - Coarse

For the health, well-being and comfort of your dog, regular coat checking and grooming will reveal mats in your dog's coat. Mats are easier to remove if they are dealt with earlier before they get too big. The bigger the mat, the more unvomfortable they are for your dog, ad the more difficulty they are to remove. So regular groomin of your dog's coat is recommended, especially if you have a long-coated bredd or breed with an undercoat. However, in the event of a mat appearing, the Kazoo Dematter tool can help.

Dematting Tool is specially designed to remove matted, tangled hair without loosing coat length. The blades are made from non-corrosive, hardened stainless steel. The sharpened edges of the blades easily cuts through mats and split the mat into sections allowing to brush out comfortably. Dematting tool is available for both coarse and fine hair.

Dematting Tool comes with a rubber sheathed handle, making it comfortable and safe to use on your pet.

Key features of Dematting Tool:

  • Ideal to remove serious knots
  • Specially designed non-corrosive, hardened stainless steel blades
  • Comes with rubber sheathed handle for non-slip grip

Blades: 8

Coat length: Medium/Long

Mat/Knot size: Medium/Large

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