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Kazoo - The Lookout Window Cat Bed - Deluxe

Kazoo - The Lookout Window Cat Bed - Deluxe

Kazoo - The Lookout Window Cat Bed - Deluxe

Deluxe Fleecy cover and machine washable cover

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Kazoo - The Lookout Window Cat Bed - Deluxe

'The Lookout' Deluxe Window Mounted Cat Bed will provide your cat with hours of fun and relaxation. Cats love being up high and seeing what's going on in the world.

'The Lookout' Window Mounted Cat Bed provides your cat with a safe, elevated sleeping platform. It allows them to see what's going on in the world, sleep in the sun and keep off the floor. Attach to any window or glass sliding door.

  • Similar to the Kazoo 'The Lookout' but with Deluxe Fleecy cover
  • Holds up to 20kg
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy to assemble (size 32cm D x 56cm W)
  • Mounts onto any smooth, non-porous clean surface.
  • Ideal for multiple cats

There are a few important things to remember to help you and your cat get the best performance from your new Lookout.

- The surface on which you mount The Lookout must be nonporous and very clean. A clean, dry surface will provide a tighter suction seal and grip. It is necessary to inspect and re-secure the suction caps periodically, as over time the seal can weaken. The Lookout can be attached to any smooth-surfaced glass panel. Suitable for single - or double-paned windows and sliding doors.

- It is important to position The Lookout at a height that is readily accessible for your cat. Be mindful of your cat's age, so don't place it too high.

- Do not mount The Lookout above anything that is valuable, breakable or could hurt your cat

- The Lookout must not be placed above any open flame or heat source

- While The Lookout is strong and can readily support the weight of your cat, it is not designed to be leaned against or pulled on - so tell the kids!

Colour: Mocha Brown

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