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Kinn - Kapsule

Treat capsules for pets!
Pet pill giving made easy!
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Kinn - Kapsule Small
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Kinn - Kapsule

Kinn - Kapsule

The Pet Treat Kapsule is designed to be filled easily and quickly with your pet’s favorite customized treat material. The gelatin casing will hold the treat material neatly in place to avoid getting your fingers messy like with most other treats, yet your dog or cat will smell their favorite food inside and gobble it up. Available in different sizes and flavors so that you can customize your best friend’s treat based on the size of treat, pill, dog and cat. Ideal as easy-to-make, healthy and delicious rewards. Also a guaranteed way to have your pet love to take their pills as a customized treat, where the Pet Treat Kapsule and treat material mask the smell and taste of the medicine concealed inside, so there is far less nibbling around the pill. Designed for use with Kinn Kudose and Kinn Kudose Ultra Pet Treat Maker / Pill Concealers and to be enjoyed by dogs and cats.

  • Your pet will never spit out their pill, guaranteed. Turn pill giving into delicious pet treat giving
  • When your pet bites into a Chewable Pet Treat Kapsule a delicious burst of flavor is released which activates swallowing. The Kapsule masks the smell and taste of the pill
  • Now everybody’s happier & healthier!
  • Designed for use with Kudose pill concealer / treat maker OR the Kudose Ultra, and the customized, homemade treat material recipe you easily create to delight your best friend

Package Size

90 kapsules/bag

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