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Kong - Cat Playground

Kong - Cat Playground

Kong - Cat Playground

Easy Assembly
3 ways to play - Treat Dispenser, Catnip Mouse and Bell Ball
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Kong - Cat Playground

KONG Cat Playground entices cats with a Premium Catnip toy and tempting ball, promoting healthy exercise. This multi-functional toy also contains a mentally stimulating treat dispenser and water trough. Easy to assemble; no tools required.

  • Mentally stimulating treat dispenser and feeder
  • Enticing catnip mouse and bell ball action
  • Ideal for independent play

Instructions for assembly

  1. Snap the treat-dispensing wheel into place between the two upright pieces; it spins when installed correctly. Place treats in the dispenser for a tasty challenge.
  2. Unscrew the bolt from the center of the toy
  3. Place the pole with the flat edge down over the bolt hole
  4. Put the bolt through both the metal pole and follow the threads to tigthen in place
  5. Give the KONG Playground to your cat and wait for the fun to begin

Important: Inspect products frequently. Supervised use only. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.

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