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Antinol Joint Soft Gel Capsule (Dogs & Cats) 60's

Antinol Joint Soft Gel Capsule (Dogs & Cats) 60's

Antinol Joint Soft Gel Capsule (Dogs & Cats) 60's

Nutritional supplement for daily joint care
For enhanced joint comfort & mobility for dogs & cats
Safe for long-term daily use
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Antinol Joint Soft Gel Capsule (Dogs & Cats) 60's

Antinol Joint Supplement can help dogs & cats remain active and playful longer, with a potent joint support formula of Omega fatty acids. Antinol is a daily soft gel that helps protect joint health, promoting healthy cartilage and greater mobility, to help pets maintain active lives, doing the things they love to do. In a veterinary assessment, up to 90 percent of dogs & cats who received Antinol showed enhanced mobility. If you're noticing changes in your pet's activity level, Antinol may be able to help, promoting joint comfort and reducing inflammation. And with its Omega fatty acid blend, Antinol can benefit skin and coat health as well as joint health.

  • Promotes greater mobility and joint comfort in dogs & cats
  • Safe for long term use daily use
  • Contains a blend of Omega fatty acids
  • Comes in a soft gel that can be given whole or mixed in food
  • Can also benefit skin health

Direction of Use (May be given alone or with food)
Less than 20lbs - 1 softgel daily
20-40lbs - 1-2 softgel daily
Over 40lbs - 2-4 softgels daily

Package Size
60 softgel capsules

  1. Joint and muscle supplement Review by Gail

    I have renewed my prescription for this supplement since it seems to have the desired effect. The twins, now in their senior years, benefit from the product which I put in their food every day. More mobile, which is nice. (Posted on 3/24/2020)

  2. Antinol Review by Gail

    I have four dogs, two with arthitus, and I gave them Missing Link for a number of years. After surgery for a hip joint of one of the two I asked the vet about further supplements and this was the one recommended.
    The twins, Pomeranians, seem to benefit from the capsules. I put them in their morning food, Donald is very receptive, Edmund sometimes leaves his in his bowl and needs to have the capsule put in his mouth.
    The smell is rather fishy, but all four dogs accept fish easily so this is not a problem. My two arthritic dogs seem considerably more comfortable since I bought the supplement for them and less stiff in their hind legs. (Posted on 2/16/2020)

  3. Antinol Review by Gail

    The product was recommended by our vet, it has helped my two, somewhat senior, Poms to spin around, as is their nature, but arthritis has limited their mobility.
    The results, after just a capsule or two, were very impressive. I would encourage any pet owner to try this product if their concerns include hip or joint stiffness, and other signs of reduced mobility. (Posted on 1/6/2020)

  4. Antinol joint Review by Louise

    Used it for 6 months, dog can walk but I had other supplements too, so cannot say it works or not. Will keep it up. (Posted on 12/26/2019)

  5. Good for arthritis Review by Gail

    My dogs are senior, and have stiffness in the back legs, this product seems effective, and was recommended by our vet. (Posted on 10/29/2019)

  6. Been taking it 2 months Review by Lulu

    Not see big differences, but my dog is more lively and more willing to move (Posted on 10/16/2019)

  7. not see any differences yet Review by Lulu

    do not see any particular differences yet, still very much the same as it is (Posted on 8/7/2019)

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