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Maxiguard - Oral Cleansing Wipes

Maxiguard - Oral Cleansing Wipes

Maxiguard - Oral Cleansing Wipes

Combine a professional neutralized zinc formulation with an easy to use & pet acceptable oral wipe

100 wipes
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Maxiguard - Oral Cleansing Wipes

MAXIGUARD Oral Wipes are both an effective pet oral product and applicator all in one. Cleansing the oral cavity of pets is much faster and easier since the wipes are infused with our unique zinc formulation. This taste free compound neutralizes offensive mouth odors, helps reduce the deposition of plaque and aids in gingival inflammation. The wipes are textured to assist in the mechanical removal of plaque, but not so rough to cause damage to the gum tissue. MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes increase owner compliance and pet acceptance.

MAXIGUARD Oral Cleansing Wipes are ideal for controlling halitosis and reducing the deposition of plaque on pets that may not readily accept a toothbrush or for pet owners that have struggled with consistent application of an oral care product. It is perfect for maintaining oral health and extending the time between professional dental cleanings.

From the Leaders in Zinc Based Oral Care

  • Quick and Easy Wipe Application
  • Neutralized Zinc Formulation
  • Increased Pet Acceptance
  • For Use With All Pets Benefits

Increased Pet Owner Compliance

  • Resolves Offensive Mouth Odors
  • Helps Remove Plaque
  • Increased Pet Acceptance
  • Up to 100 days of Effective Oral Care

Direction of Use
Simply remove one oral wipe from the container and wrap around your index finger. Gently wipe the teeth and gums on both sides of the pet’s mouth and dispose of the wipe properly. Be sure to create a positive experience by praising the pet after application. More than one wipe may be used for the first few applications or for larger pets. Use daily for best results.

MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes are packaged with 100 wipes per container, meaning you have up to 100 days of effective, safe and easy home oral care with each purchase. It is recommended to store the product upside down for a perfectly moist wipe for each application. Storage under normal room temperature is preferred.

Deionized water, Zinc Gluconate, Taurine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, F.D.&C. Blue #1

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