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UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter

UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter

UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter

Effectively eliminates odor
Deodorizing effect last for a month!

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Country of Manufacture: Japan
Product Name Price Qty
UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter 2L
UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter 4L

UniCharm anti-bacterial cat litter is dust free, low tracking and simple to use – The zeolite and silica formula firmly adsorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odors. When used with UniCharm Anti Bacterial Sheets, urine filters down into the lower tray and is absorbed, while cat faeces can be easily scooped from the top tier of the UniCharm DeoToilet Cat Litter Bin.

  • Solid pellets result in minimal tracking
  • Effectively eliminates odor
  • Deodorizing effect lasts for a whole month
  • Sand will not solidify,get rid of clearing everyday
  • Compatible with Unicharm DeoToilet Litter Bins and Unicharm Anti-Bacterial Sheets
  • Made in Japan

Cat litter cannot be disposed in the toilets because they don't melt away in water

Suggested Useage
For Example: 2L bag
ONE 8kg Adult cat - can last for a month
TWO 8kg Adult cats - can last for half month

Package Size
2L & 4L

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