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Northmate - CATCH Interactive Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs

Slow feeder turns your cat/dog's meal into a fun interactive game. Be Healthy & Have Fun!

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Northmate - CATCH Interactive Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs

Northmate - CATCH Interactive Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs

Northmate - CATCH Interactive Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs

CATCH by NORTHMATE is an interactive feeder for cats, designed to stimulate their natural instincts and ability to catch food with their paws. The desired amount of cat food is scattered across CATCH, and it is up to your cat to push and grab the food out between the many smoothly rounded spikes.

  • Prolongs eating time significantly. This results in a happier and healthier cat.
  • Available in one size, designed for all breeds. The beautiful purple color reflects the majestic nature of the cat.
  • Made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • One-piece molded feeder for cats and small pets.
  • Made in hard phthalate-free plastic with four anti-slippery feet.
  • Consists of 37 purple spikes – all of them between 2 and 6 cm in hight and all of them smoothly rounded.
  • Has an outer edge allowing wet food and approx. 0.3 liter of water.


Package Size

One-sized and one-colored product

Weight: 476 grams

Measurement: 27 x 23 x 8 cm.


It has won a number of awards including:



  1. Such a good idea Review by Jody

    Being a two cat household, with one extremely tubby food lover, we are constantly looking for ways to control her diet whilst not upsetting the balance of power in the house. I came across this product by chance on the website and I wish I had found it before! Firstly the cats are intrigued and playing whilst eating but the best thing is my tubby cat stops eating after a while whereas when the bowl of (diet) biscuits is in front of her she gobbles and gobbles as if she had been starved for weeks!

    Great idea and I suggest giving it a go to any owners of loveable tubby furballs. (Posted on 9/10/2016)

  2. Perfect mealtime enrichment! Review by John

    My cat tends to eat so quickly that she vomits. This feeder is perfect! She was a bit confused the first time, but she figured it out. She has to paw the food out from between the "fingers" and it definitely slows her down. It's fun to watch her, too. The feeder is heavy so she can't flip it over. I should have gotten this a long time ago! (Posted on 5/27/2016)

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