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IATA Approved Ultra Vari Kennel

Compatiable with Petmate Double Water/Food Cup for Kennel

Country of Manufacture: United States
Product Name Price Qty
Petmate - Ultra Vari Kennel - Small
Petmate - Ultra Vari Kennel - Medium
Petmate - Ultra Vari Kennel - Intermediate
Petmate - Ultra Vari Kennel - Large
Petmate - Ultra Vari Kennel - Extra-Large
Petmate - Vari Kennel - Ultra Giant

IATA Approved Ultra Vari Kennel

IATA Approved Ultra Vari Kennel

Perfect for housebreaking, the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is ideal for training and traveling.

Features include tough durable construction with easy-open squeeze latch, wire vents on side walls, interior moat to keep pets dry and tie-down strap holes on the perimeter for zip-tie installation and extra security during airline travel.

This Petmate kennel is easy-to-assembly--no tools required. Pet parents should always confirm the airline travel requirements for each trip. Made in the USA.

Size: For pets weight : Exterior Size: Interior Size:  Carrier Weight :
Small 10-20 lbs  21' x 16"x 15" 20'x15'x14' 2.8kg 
Medium  20-30 lbs 28'x20.5'x21.5'  27'x19.5'x20.5' 4.1kg
Intermediate 30-50 lbs 32'x22.5'x24' 31'x21.5'x23' 5.6kg
Large 50-70 lbs  36'x25'x27'  35'x24'x26' 6.9kg
Extra- Large 70-90 lbs 40'x27'x30'  39'x26'x29' 9kg
Ultra Giant  90-125lbs  48'x32'x35' 47'x31'x34' 22.8kg 

 Measurement: Length x Width x Height


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