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PetzUp - Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula

Natural Chinese Supplement
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PetzUp - Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula




PetzUp - Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula

PetzUp - Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula

PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula is a Chinese herbal supplement that has proven to significantly enhance blood circulation to hair follicles, giving them the needed nutrition and oxygen. PetzUp®Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula quickly rejuvenates degenerated hair follicles, prevents hair loss, while adding sheen and vitality to your pet’s hair.

PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formulapromises to make a difference as:

  • It rejuvenates degenerated and dying hair follicles
  • It regulates hormonal imbalance and sebum secretion
  • It effectively prevents hair shedding, and promotes growth of stronger and shinier hair
  • It activates the cells that produce hair colour, thereby giving richer colour to the hair while preventing premature gray hair or dry skin
  • It promotes a healthy coat and improves hair texture by enhancing blood circulation, maximizing oxygen uptake and optimizing nutrient absorption by hair follicles.

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