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PetzUp - Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer

Natural Chinese Supplement
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PetzUp - Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer

PetzUp - Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer

PetzUp - Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer

PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer is the first Chinese Medicine specifically researched and formulated for dogs in fighting cancer. With years of research and study, it is proven to contain high content of Yunzhi Polysaccharides which is scientifically demonstrated to stimulate white blood cells, bone marrow cells and macrophages, which would enable dogs´ immune system to destroy or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It is therefore an effective and reliable immunobooster for dogs to combat cancer in cancer therapy.

  • Boost Up Dog´s Immunity to Combat Cancer
  • Enhance the Result of Cancer Therapies
  • Minimize Its Side Effects, Improve the Mental & Physical Wellbeing of Cancer Dogs
  1. Miracle Review by kriz

    Our shiba inu had an inoperable tumor that was robbing him of his nutrients and killing him. He was bed ridden and weak. We thought we would lose him in a week or so....that is until we tried this. Just after 1-2 does, we saw a huge improvement. He sprung back to health and was able to go for walks. He stayed with us for 2 more years before leaving for doggie heaven. (Posted on 7/28/2016)

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