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QChefs Dental Flakes for Cats 80g

QChefs Dental Flakes for Cats 80g

QChefs Dental Flakes for Cats 80g

Dental Fitness for Cats, Powder, Cheese & Rice
Country of Manufacture: Germany
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QChefs Dental Flakes for Cats 80g

Anke Domaske, The founder of QCHEFS, is a microbiologist who works on cheese to improve the health of people and animals. After years of research and more than 3,000 chemical tests, I have finally developed a system of 100% beef cheese protein. Made of fiber, and patented.

Qchefs has added super foods such as quinoa, coconut oil and rapeseed oil to allow dogs to obtain a variety of important amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Main Features

  • The cleaning effect is mainly from casein (CPP-ACP) in the cottage cheese, not by rubbing and cleaning the teeth.
  • Remineralization of teeth to repair teeth
  • Provides all essential amino acids (10 types) necessary for all dogs, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals
  • No Lactose, No Sugar, No Meat, No Grain, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Dyes No Flavouring
  • All natural superfoods (Superfoods)
  • Suitable for dogs with physical problems such as sensitivity, diabetes, poor kidney function, overweight problems, pancreatic problems, etc.

Cottage cheese, rice, organic glycerin, rapeseed oil, coconut oil

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 39.1%
Crude ash 2.89%
Crude fat 6.4%
Crude fiber 0.4%
Vitamin B3 0.952mg/100g
Vitamin B5 3.21mg/kg
Vitamin B6 0.505mg/kg
Vitamin B9 10.5μg/100g
Iron 14mg/kg
Zinc 18mg/kg
Magnesium 140mg/kg

Feeding guide
1⁄2 teaspoon per day for feeding with main food

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