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Rogz - Utility Harness

Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility

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Rogz - Harness - black small



Rogz - Harness - black large






Why Buy 

Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility

RogLoc is the Fort Knox of release buckles

LLT technology reduces the load on the Titanium Plastic buckle through a cleverly positioned load ring

ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snugly

Custom designed die cast ring (no welding). Electroplated chrome for a tarnish free finish


Small  Yorkie, Pom, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua

Medium Pug, Scotty, Jack Russel, Maltese Poodle, Terrier

Large Dalmation, Spaniel, Doberman, Boxer

XLarge Rottweiler, Bouvier, Ridgeback, Labrador


                     Width of Webbing                  Chest Size                         Girth 

Small                11mm | 3/8″                200-340mm | 8-13″           230-370mm | 9-14″

Medium            16mm | 5/8″               280-460mm | 11-18″         320-520mm | 13-20″

Large                20mm | 3/4″               290-640mm | 13-25″         450-750mm | 18-29″

XLarge             25mm | 1″                   560-950mm | 22-37″         600-1000mm | 23-39″



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