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Rufus & Coco - Training Clicker w/ Whistle

Rufus & Coco - Training Clicker w/ Whistle
Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco - Training Clicker w/ Whistle

Simple, effective dog training tool
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Rufus & Coco - Training Clicker w/ Whistle

Train your dog easily with this small and convenient dog clicker and whistle. The distinctive sounds are easy for your pet to understand. Comes with retractable belt clip for convenience.

Direction of Use
How to Use a Training Clicker

1. Association
Begin by associating the clicker noise with a reward. Do this by simply clicking your clicker and giving your pet a treat immediately afterwards. They will soon come to expect a reward when they hear the noise.
2. Selection
Choose a behaviour that you'd like your animal to do. Immediately after they do the behaviour, reward them with a click and then a treat. You may find it necessary to introduce behaviours, for example: pushing down on their haunches to make them sit.
3. Reduce treats
Once the pet is responding to the click and command with the behaviour reliably, vary the amount of times they must perform the behaviour to get the treat.
4. Variance
Once you pet reliably performs the desired behaviour in reaction to the click, you may wish to introduce new commands: associate distinctive hand gestures or certain words with certain behaviours during the training process to distinguish between each.

Why It Works

Why use the clicker instead of saying "good kitty" or “good dog”? Your cat or dog hears you speak all the time, sometimes in happy tones, sometimes in irritated tones, but speaking is nothing out of the ordinary to him. It's not likely to gain his attention at the precise moment of his actions the way the clicker will.

The sound of the click is sharp and unique. It immediately grabs his attention, causing an instant association between his actions and the sound. Follow this immediately with a tasty treat or loving stroke and you've marked the occasion with a positive reward, something your pet will take to heart.

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