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Sleepypod Warmer Pad

Perfect for those time when a human lap isn't available!
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Sleepypod Warmer Pad

Sleepypod Warmer Pad

Sleepypod Warmer Pad

The Sleepypod warmer is designed to maintain a toasty 102F (39C) , perfect for those time when a human lap isn't available. The adaptor with its quick disconnect cord is rated for 100-240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. Also included is a 12V car adaptor for use on the road. Who says the pampering has to stop once you leave the house?

  • A plug in Warmer pad that slips below the standard Ultra Plush bedding to help keep a pet warm in cooler climates
  • A car adaptor plug for the Warmer pad to add maximum travel comfort

Cleaning Instruction
Wipe exterior with a samp soft cloth and dr with a clean soft cloth

Safety Information

  • This warmer pad is for dry indoor use only
  • Use only with the provided power adaptor
  • Use only within Sleepypod products according to prodct instructions
  • Do not immerse in water or use if wet
  • Do not use if animal digs, chew on warmer pad or power cord
  • Do not allow pet to chew on warmer pad or power cord
  • Never pull on power cord
  • Discard this warmer pad if the pad or opwer cord is damaged
  • Do not crease warmer pad. Keep it flat to prevent damage to heating elements
  • Leave the carrier open when warmer pad is on
  • Do not leave pet unattended
  • Do not use this product for other than its purpose intended by Sleepypod

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