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Slow Feed Bowl

Slow Feed Bowl

Slow Feed Bowl

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Durapet - Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl - Small

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Durapet - Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl - Medium

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Durapet - Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl - Large

Durapet Slow Feed Bowl is a special bowl made of stainless steel that can slow down consumption of food of your pet. This way, it promotes healthy eating habits for your pet. It also aids better digestion. With a permanently attached rubber ring at the bottom, this bowl does not skid and also minimizes level of noise that your pet makes while eating. For added convenience, you can choose from small, medium and large sizes based on your pet's feeding needs.

Durapet Slow Feed Bowl

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Improves digestion
  • Facilitates high nutrient absorption
  • Helps prevent overeating and bloating

A Closer Look: Durapet Slow Feed Bowl is made of stainless steel that does not rust. It's scratch-resistant and has a rubber ring bottom that reduces unwanted noise and does not let the bowl slip while your pet is eating.

Made Specially for: Dogs of all ages 

Size Diameter Center Capacity
Small 7.5 inch 4 inch 2 cup
Medium 9.5 inch 5 inch 4 cup
Large 11 inch 6 inch 6 cup

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