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Soft E Collar

Soft E Collar
Soft-E Collar

Soft E Collar

Precise and secure fit Elizabethan collar Elizabethan

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Kong - Soft E Collar - size 3

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Kong - Soft E Collar - size 4

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Kong - Soft E Collar - size 5

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The Soft-E head collar prevents animals from aggravating wounds. The soft material gives a very comfortable fit and so the animal is less distressed whilst wearing. Comfortable to wear and easy to fit, with a simple drawstring fitting, the Soft-E Collar provides a good alternative to traditional stiff Elizabethan collars. Size given is the width of the collar. To choose the correct size, measure the approximate distance between your pet's neck/collar and the tip of the nose. Choose the next length up to ensure the collar is long enough to prevent licking.

Size 1   10cm (suitable for small kittens)

Size 2   14cm (suitable for most cats)

Size 3   16cm (suitable for small dogs)

Size 4   20cm (suitable for medium dogs)

Size 5   24cm (suitable for medium-large dogs)

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