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Samlon - Your cat won't be able to get enough ofTEMPTATIONS® Savory Salmon flavored cat treats. Each treat helps control tartar, has under 2 calories, and is bursting with flavor your cat will love.

Chicken - Your kitty will nuzzle up to you after tasting the savory, slow-roasted flavor of TEMPTATIONS®Tasty Chicken cat treats. They have no artificial flavors and are 100% nutritionally complete.

SeafoodMdly - With a crunchy outside and soft center,TEMPTATIONS® Seafood Medley flavored cat treats are 100% nutritionally complete and have no artificial flavors. Your cat will enjoy the delicious combination of seafood flavors in every bite.

Dentabite - Give your furry friend TEMPTATIONS®DENTABITES® Treats for Cats help control tartar and freshen breath at the same time. With under 2 calories per serving, they're a treat for you and your cat.

hairball Control - Help prevent cat hairballs with tasty treats that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. With under 2 calories, TEMPTATIONS®Hairball Control will keep your cat phlegm-free and purrrring.

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