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Tetra - Aqua Safe

Tetra - Aqua Safe

Tetra - Aqua Safe

Water conditioner that immediately transforms aggressive tap water into near-natural aquarium water suitable for fish - for healthy and clear water
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Tetra - Aqua Safe
  • neutralises substances in the tap water that are harmful to fish: elimination of chlorine as well ase highly effective and permanent binding of heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
  • adds essential substances from the fish?s natural habitat that tap water cannot provide: iodine for vitalisation of the fish, magnesium to promote growth and well-being, vitamin B to combat stress
  • gills and mucous membranes are effectively protected by noticiable care colloids
  • the BioExtract formula with natural biopolymers promotes the growth of useful bacteria for healthy and clear water
  • for use when adding tap water, transporting fish and for quarantine treatment
  • improves breeding conditions and promotes plant growth
  • regenerates fish after treatment for disease
  • Ideal combination to Tetra AquaSafe is Tetra EasyBallance, stabilising the water parameters and reducing the number of water changes required
  • for both freshwater and marine aquaria

Package Size - 250ml

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