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rich brown

rich brown
Weaver Leather

Briarwood Rolled Leash Rich Brown

Handcrafted leather dog leash

Country of Manufacture: United States
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Weaver Leather - Briarwood Rolled Rich Brown 3/4" x 6'

Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople in Mt. Hope, Ohio, many of our products feature only the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable performance.
With a tradition of unsurpassed quality, our dedicated employees carefully construct each Made by Weaver product with meticulous attention to detail.

With a precisely stitched, rolled design, our top quality rich brown bridle leather Briarwood Leash has a refined look. The smoothed and darkened edges help keep moisture out and add a finishing touch. Chrome plated hardware.

- Constructed of premium English bridle leather for an updated look and smooth, refined feel

- Rolled design helps prevent matting and tangles

- Smoothed and darkened edges help keep moisture out and add a finished touch

- Chrome plated hardware


Width                Length 

5/8"                    4' or 6'

3/4"                    4' or 6'  

  1. Unleash The Superlatives, Igor! Review by Buttles

    We bought a 5/8" and 3/4", both 4'. For HK's crowded streets and parks, 6' might be too long. Like all Weaver Leather products, the quality of the leather, the brass fittings and the workmanship is superb, reminiscent of top-quality horse-riding tack. The rolled leather leashes are much stiffer than the flat ones. We think they look and feel great; but their stiffness does make them a little more difficult to stuff into a bag. The loop at the human end of the leash is large enough to fit over one's wrist/arm; and, of course, the leash can also be slipped through the loop to make a self-tightening "brake" which works on your arm instead of your dog's neck in the event that said dog decides to exit stage right at a great rate of knots from a standing start, for reasons which no doubt made good sense to aforesaid canine at the time. Provided one can oneself remain upright in the process, this could be described as a "result." (Posted on 1/22/2017)

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