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rich brown

rich brown
Weaver Leather

Briarwood Rolled Collar Rich Brown

Handcrafted leather dog collar

Country of Manufacture: United States
Product Name Price
Weaver Leather - Briarwood Rolled Rich Brown 5/8" x 11"
Weaver Leather - Briarwood Rolled Rich Brown 3/4" x 15"

Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople in Mt. Hope, Ohio, many of our products feature only the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable performance.
With a tradition of unsurpassed quality, our dedicated employees carefully construct each Made by Weaver product with meticulous attention to detail.

With a precisely stitched, rolled design, our top quality rich brown bridle leather Briarwood Collar helps prevent matting and tangles. The smoothed and darkened edges help keep moisture out and add a finishing touch. Each Weaver Collar is measured from the middle of the buckle to the second hole from the end. Chrome plated hardware.


Width            Neck Size 

5/8"                11"  or 13"  

3/4"                15"  or 17"  

1"                    19"  or 21"  

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