Alien Flex - 耐咬發聲公仔 - GRO

Alien Flex - 耐咬發聲公仔 - GRO
Alien Flex

Alien Flex - 耐咬發聲公仔 - GRO

Soft & Cuddly Plush Stuffed Toy
Reinforced plush toy - Soft & Squeaky! With Gnaw Guard Technology
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Alien Flex - 耐咬發聲公仔 - GRO
HK$ 128

We present the limited edition Alien Flex plush toy Gro. Gro is the oldest living species in all of the galaxies and some say was responsible for the Big Bang. Known as “the grumpy grandpa” his bad mood is so strong that it implodes stars and creates black holes around him. His entire vocabulary consists of only one word, “Gro!”. He is very, very grumpy...

Special features

  • Protected squeaker
  • 3 layered reinforced lining
  • Double layered stiching
  • Compact shape
  • Limbs attached to body
  • Small limbs


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