Buster Premium Dog Collar

Buster Premium Dog Collar

Buster Premium Dog Collar

Easy Handling High Comfort Avoid Skin Irritation  Elizabethan Collar  Elizabethan

產品名稱 價錢 數量
Buster Premium Dog Collar (XXSmall)
HK$ 118
Buster Premium Dog Collar (XSmall)
HK$ 128
Buster Premium Dog Collar (Small)
HK$ 148


Buster Premium Dog Collar (Medium)
HK$ 188
Buster Premium Dog Collar (Large)
HK$ 258

The BUSTER Premium Dog Collar is a new product developed for Premium care! 
Through our daily contact with veterinarians who use dog head collars and through dialogue analysis we found that many calls for

  • A post-up solution with owner compliance
  • A more convenient solution for the dog
  • A stress free solution that is easy to put on and take off
  • A solution suitable for long-term patients 
  • A durable solution Elizbethan collar
  • A solution that provides maximum care and protection for patients securing safe recovery of the patients

Based on this knowledge and research KRUUSE developed the best possible post op care solution. We involved many veterinarians and vet nurses, we spend hours on research and developed prototypes and performed live test in order to finally reach the BUSTER Premium collar.

Today many of you use BUSTER Premium Dog Collar in your clinic.
The positive feedback we have received from some of you says
Owner Compliance
The pet owners prefer the Premium Collar over a regular BUSTER Collar because they can easily put it on and take it off. The pet owners experience a stress free handling of their dog.
From minutes to seconds
Due to the quick application and easy to fasten technique you save handling time in the clinic. The Premium Collar is ready to use.
Optimal comfort for the dog
The Premium Collar has a safe and perfect fit around the neck and it is very comfortable for the dog.
Buster Premium Dog Collar for Premium Care

The BUSTER Premium Dog Collar is perfect for

  • Postoperative care
  • Wound care
  • Spay/neuter recovery
  • Hot spots and other skin lesions
  • Skin disease

Product Size

XXSmall <3kg
XSmall 3-6kg
Small 6-10kg
Medium 10-20kg
Large 20-35kg


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