EVERSWEET 智能飲水機2.0

EVERSWEET 智能飲水機2.0

EVERSWEET 智能飲水機2.0

Love is always fresh
Suitable for Cats & Small/Medium-sized Dogs
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EVERSWEET 智能飲水機2.0
HK$ 399

EVERSWEET - Smart Pet Drinking Fountain 


An Intelligent Water
Dual modes to meet your needs at any time
Equipped with light sensor and water volumetric indicator, when the fountain is working at the SMART mode which is more quite and energy-saving, it can automatically change the water welling up frequency between day and night. when at the NORMAL mode, the water would keep welling up to make sure that your pets can always get access to the fresh water, especially after their intensive activity back to home from the outside.


Beyond Clean More Of Healthy Water
Mesh screen, activated carbon and ion-exchange-resin
Replaceable filter units and unique water flow will effectively screen the impurities, reduce chlorine and remove the heavy metal ions. EVERSWEET helps to improve the water quality, beyond clean but more of healthy water to your pets, to protect them far away from urinary system diseases.

Dedicated to All Details
Unique water flow design with circulation filtration to deliver fresh water always
The water would be fully exposure to the filter unit, which guarantee the fresh water can be provided to your pets anytime they need it. With the circulation filtration of the water, enough fresh water can be taken all the time they want.


Ultra-Silent Design Super Happy Life
12V Intrustrial Leading Ultra-silent PumpThe ultra-silent design perfectly lowers the sound of dripping water, therefore pet owners would live more happily with their beloved pets with less noise and botherings.

Inspiration from Nature
Dynamic water flow will increase the willingness of your pets to take more water. Transparent inner container helps pet owners to check the water quality directly and easily. The special design of the easy-fill lid will make the water refilling an easy job from now on.

  • Smart模式自動感光日夜變頻,Normal模式持續噴水
  • 缺水自動斷電及加水提示功能.防止水泵空轉
  • 分離式設計,可直接抽出無線內桶清洗,安全方便
  • 三重過濾濾芯,達人用級標準,提供潔淨水源
  • 寵物功學高度設計,可舒緩頸椎壓力問題
  • 橙色更換濾芯提示燈,通過水泵噴水量計算更換週期
  • 高效能靜音水泵,通過操作測試40分貝以下
  • 環保慳電,Smart模式操作平均3個月消耗1度電
  • 外型簡潔,設計時尚,貓狗均適用
  • 2L食品級ABS儲水桶,超大容量


SMART mode: 12 weeks
NORMAL mode: 4 weeks
*Please note the filter change reminder on the device*


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