Lixit - Critter Gnaw Dents

Lixit - Critter Gnaw Dents

Lixit - Critter Gnaw Dents

A healthy natural hardwood chew
For Hamsters, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs & other Small animals
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Lixit - Critter Gnaw Dents
HK$ 38

Critter Gnaw Dents satisfy the natural chewing behavior of rodents. Made from natural hardwood grown in the Pacific Northwest. The wood is harvested from a sustainable source, only branches are cut, not the entire tree. Completely natural, contain no insecticides, artificial colors or flavors.

  • Prevents your pet's teeth from over-growing 
  • 100% Natural wood grown
  • Contain no pollutants, insecticides, dyes or artificial flavors
  • Produced in the USA

Place one ot two peices in the bottom of your pet's cage. One piece per pet if there are multiple pets in cage. Replace as needed or when cleaning the cage.

Package Size
5 pieces/pack


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