FUN - 4合1多功能貓抓板

FUN - 4合1多功能貓抓板

FUN - 4合1多功能貓抓板


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FUN - 4合1多功能貓抓板
HK$ 279

The fashion out looking is not neough! Petkit sets cat scratcher, track, orange and green MEOW PLANETs in one, can satisfy all the needs of your cat by offering hours of fun and entertainment. Not only is it a playground, but it is also a nice place for them to rest.


多功能玩具 - 又可以玩,也可以躺著在抓板上休息

環型軌道  最適合貓咪玩追逐游戲

更多顔色 更多樂趣
The green MEOW PLANET with aroma: Place the finest quality catnip ball inside, full with all-natural smell with satisfy your cat. 
The orange MEOW PLANET with playful sound: Place a little bell inside to cater to the acuity of your cat.
Two different colors MEOW PLANETS come with Petkit 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher, can be played independently, can also be a replacement for the Petkit 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher. Petkit offers better play experience by creating more play ways to have fun depends on you fur babies different needs.

More Solid and Durable
Petkit 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher made with high density thickened corrugated board, hard to deformed, solid and durable. Release cats' nature and offer a comfortable play experience. Also can avoid the damage of furniture effectively. 

Track's Bright and Grit Mixed Technology
Circular track is made with bright and grit mixed technology, the grit side can prevent cat's scratch from samaging the surface of the toy effectively. The bright side can catch the MEOW PLANET easily.

Exclusive MEOW PLANET for Cats
Made with high quality ABS plastic, bright and grit mixed technology hard to abrasion.

Hollow-Carved Design of the Trach Surface
The width of track fits different cats' paw, makes cats touch MEOW PLANET more easily. We also can  be easily to disassemble and clean the track.

Consumables Replaceable
Petkit keeps the sustainable philospphy in our desgin so all the consunables can be depedently purchased and replaced. More green environmental protection.

Easy to Disassemble, Less Time to Clean
Remove: Pin down the bottom case, lift the top case to open. Next, place the MEOW PLANET inside.
Install: Align the housing of both cases (refer to the red traiangle sign) to close.
No more worry about your house is full with paper scrap everywhere after your cat's scratching, Petkit keeps your house clean by easy disassemble design. 


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