Building a Strong Immune System

A strong immune system and good general health are two of the cornerstones in living a long, happy and healthy life.

Building a strong immune system takes four major components:

A good diet. Good nutrition, especially protein balance, allows rapid repair of wound or damage, and also allows a pet to generate disease fighting antibodies and white blood cells. I would always recommend a healthy, balanced diet such as those discussed in the Diet and Exercise section. I’d also recommend a good nutritional supplement. Omega 3 supplements have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and can greatly help the body balance.

Our favourite Omega 3 supplements are listed here.

Exercise and Weight Management.

Exercise and cardiovascular fitness, along with weight management, really allows the body to be fine tuned to fighting disease and staying healthy. This involves walking, playing and fun, as well as a healthy diet as mentioned above.

There is much more information here: Healthy Exercise and Activity and Weight and Obesity.

Vaccinations and Preventative Healthcare.

As discussed on the other pages in this section, vaccinations boost an animal’s immunity, allowing them to fight disease and stay strong.

Vaccinations and preventative healthcare have saved countless lives, both in humans and in animals.

Of course they should be used as appropriate and necessary, and animals should be vaccinated effectively but not excessively. There is much more information on the other pages in this section.

The Human-Animal bond and a little tender loving care.

We can never underestimate how much a healthy mind will help create a healthy body. Dogs and cats are both pack animals, as are all our pets, albeit in different ways.

Our pets are sociable animals, as are we humans, and having a good close relationship with care and kindness will go a long way in helping our pets stay healthy. It’s intangible and difficult to quantify, but it’s undeniable… For all of us.

Plan a regular walk with your dog, a play session with you cat. Give a treat. Have a pat. It’ll make you both feel better, and mentally and physically healthier.