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Terms and conditions apply:

  • Points are valid in 12 months
  • Points and discount offers can’t be used concurrently
  • Each member can enjoy birthday offer once a year
  • Each eligible member can enjoy pet’s birthday offer once a year
  • Tier Upgrade Gift will be delivered within the month of upgrade
  • A membership year lasts 12 months from the date you have enrolled, renewed, downgraded into your current tier. Upon renewal, upgrade, or downgrade, your total spending record will automatically be reset to zero and a new membership year begins.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Vetopia Limited shall be final and binding

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Once you register on Vetopia, you are automatically welcomed as a member of Vetopia Club and start your journey with us.​

We have 3 tiers in our membership program:​

Vetopia Club: Upon registering, you will automatically enter Vetopia Club level in the loyalty program​

Vetopia Platinum: Once you have reached a total spending of $8,800 - $27,999 in 12 months, you will move into the Vetopia Platinum tier and enjoy many more benefits​, included higher VetPoint reward earning rates.

Vetopia Diamond: Once you have reached a total spending of $28,000 in 12 months, you will move into Vetopia Diamond, our highest level, with our most exclusive benefits, and our highest level of VetPoint earning rewards.

A membership year lasts for 12 months from the date you have entered your current tier.

Upon entering your new tier, your total spending record will automatically reset and a new membership year begins.

To maintain your current membership tier, all you need to do is maintain the yearly total spending amount within the next 12 months.

Vetopia Platinum qualifies by spending over HK$8,800 in a year, and Vetopia Diamond by spending over HK$28,000 in a year.

It's simple!

Every purchase you made at Vetopia earns VetPoints.

Your VetPoints can be used 14 days after your purchase.

Secret tip: the higher your Vetopia Loyalty tier, the greater the VetPoint rewards.

*Returned items will not be eligible for VetPoints.

That's another great thing about VetPoints - as long as you make another purchase within 12 months your VetPoints will not expire.

That’s easy!

1. VetPoints can be redeemed as a cash discount off your order at checkout.
2. VetPoints can also be used to redeem special gifts, promotion items, rewards and other cool stuff.​

Sorry, no, VetPoints can only be used by the account holder and cannot be transferred to another party. ​

If you purchase an item using VetPoints and then return the item, the VetPoints will be refunded to your account.

Note that returns for goods paid for with VetPoints cannot be refunded in cash.

The usage of VetPoints may vary from time to time at the discretion of Vetopia.