Leaving Hong Kong with your pet

One day the time will probably come when you need to leave Hong Kong. The good news is that these days exportation is fairly straightforward. As long as your dog or cat is up to date with their rabies and combination (G6 or F3) vaccinations, they can travel to most countries (including the UK, Europe and North America) at any time without any quarantine. You will need to arrange some paperwork and health certificates, as well as booking space on the plane for the pet.
There are a number of pet exporters listed in the [Useful Contacts] section who can help with these arrangements. Animals travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan have more detailed requirements and although quarantine is generally very short they may need up to six months to prepare before export. If you may be travelling to one of these countries it may be worth contacting one of the pet export agencies listed in the Recommended Export Companies section to discuss further.
We'd always recommend contacting a pet exporter well ahead of time as requirements can change. It is also possible to take your pet on holidays overseas to many countries, but usually special blood tests and paperwork are required. The requirements are quite specific for each country, so we'd recommend contacting an export agency to discuss.